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text messages couldn't be easier, as we provide an online application(web-based program). We also provide an API to integrate websites and/or text-enable custom applications. Access to these services is completely free and you only pay for the text messages that you send. Our user-friendly business tools include a variety of innovative sms-solutions. These business tools instantly enable businesses to save money, increase sales and improve customer and employee communication. Text marketing indicated exceptional high return-on-investment figures.Our professional development team and Bulk TEXT Software even allows customized features, making it suitable for any type of business.
Register a free account in minutes and get 10 free sms credits : click HERE. Bulk SMS Pricing from only 1.5p (£0.015 GBP) per sms!
Cell phone marketing statistics indicate:

of all text messages are read instantly.
of all mobile phones are within 1 meter of their owners at all times- even when they are sleeping.
of text messages are read by recipients, generating average response rates of 15-30% or more.
Businesses soon realised that
text solutions should be embraced and explored, and dare not to be underestimated or ignored.

These services include: Short Codes, Keywords, SMS Competitions, Text Campaigns and more.Should someone send a text message to a Short Code (Example: 45145), certain actions could be triggered. Automatic reply text messages that's customizeable are sent to senders. The text messages received on a keyword are forwarded to selected e-mail addresses and/or mobile numbers, and the incoming text messages could also be URL forwarded. Many more features are included.
Short Codes open a direct and interactive channel to the public, prospects, members, staff, etc. Therefore, Short Codes provide numerous opportunities. We offer Shared and Dedicated 5-digit Short Code Services including the software and tools to easily set- up & manage text marketing, competitions and campaigns. Short Codes are available on many price bands, however, the following are most commonly used : 25pence to £5.00. Keywords allow messages starting with that word to be linked to a specific account. Shared Short Codes basically offer similar services to Dedicated Short Codes, but without incurring the costs involved regarding dedicated Short Codes. Unlimited (free) sub-keywords could be added, each with a free auto reply text message. Short Codes have proven to be the most reliable and cost-effective strategy regarding the creation of client databases, sms-competitions, sms-campaigns, fund-raising, customer relations, call-back services, surveys, etc.

Bulk MMS messages could be sent to any number of your customers, through our system
We send bulk MMS messages to your database on your behalf. All you need is a picture
Send us the picture and should you want sound & animation with the mms, we will create it for you
Maximum size an MMS should be is 150KB

Specifically created and designed to sms-enable those companies who have their own sms program /website or user interface.
We offer API (HTTP & SMPP) connectivity in conjunction with the lowest bulk sms and mms prices -guaranteed
Set up is seamless and takes only minutes. The integrity of our client's software and/or platform is never jeopardised.

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